Gender Pay Gaps Among Medical Science Liaisons and MSL Management

Study Reveals Gender Pay Gaps Differences among Medical Science Liaisons and MSL Management

Gender pay gaps have been studied among Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and MSL Management for the first time. Although gender pay gaps have not been the particular subject of study within the MSL profession, they have been investigated in numerous other professions within healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, including medical practitioners, biotech, and pharmaceutical sales representatives, and in healthcare sales.

The 2015 global survey on Salary and Compensation levels for both MSLs and MSL Management was recently conducted by the Medical Science Liaison Society. The study included salary information for both MSLs, as well MSL management roles, based on gender. While the primary purpose of this survey was to gain a better insight into the present level of MSL and MSL Management salary and compensation levels across biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other healthcare companies, gender pay gap differences were also revealed by the findings.

April 12th, 2016, was Equal Pay Day, a date symbolizing how far into the new year women would need to work if they were to equal the level of pay earned by male counterparts in the previous year. The results of the MSL Society survey provided unique insights and highlighted major differences between Medical Science Liaisons and many of its associated industries such as pharmaceutical sales and medicine.

To learn more about gender pay gaps, within the medical science liaison profession read the full published article in the March issue of THE MSL here:

(The full 2015 Salary and Compensation Report is available to all members of the MSL Society on the society website.)

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